At the time of recording Suhaila Al Dhaheri was a law student at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. At the age of 21 she had already run elections and represented her peers in various organisations, including her university’s Student Council and at a federal level, the Emirates Youth Council.
In a country that little more than a decade ago has organised the very first parliamentary elections of its history, and gradually broadens the electoral college, Suhaila is part of this new generation contributing to the UAE’s journey towards more public participation.
Born at a time when her country has already been through significant transformations, Suhaila embraces the future with optimism and ambitions to make a change. She is also keen to maintain her strong connection to her Al Ain roots.

My dad always wanted me to be the best. But he would encourage me but in a way that was not overwhelming.
If I got a bad grade he always asked me: “Do you understand this lesson?”  And when I said yes, he would say: “Then I don’t care about the grade. As long as you understand the concept, that’s what matters. The grades are just a number.”

I still remember it, up until this day.

Suhaila al Dhaheri, Abu Dhabi 2 April 2018
(Extract from “Emirati Stories” podcast – Episode 02)

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