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Is there an Emirati way of working and leading a team? How different are Emirati work ethics from other ones in the world? Based on decades of experience as a senior executive within the oil and gas company Total, Sultan shares insightful observations.
In the last part of our interview, he also tells us about a more personal moment in his life, a profound experience of loss that changed his relationship with others and redefined  priorities.

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About the Author
Nathalie is based in Abu Dhabi and develops communications strategies for companies based in the region. Prior to that she worked as a business journalist specialised in the Middle East for over 15 years for a variety of English, French and German-speaking media, including France 24 TV, Radio France International (RFI), Jeune Afrique, La Tribune, Marchés Tropicaux et Méditerranéens and The National (Abu Dhabi). She also speaks fluently Arabic and has visited, worked or studied in each Arab country
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