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Hanady Al Hashmi, 31, discovered a passion for mountains and mountaineering five years ago, after starting to hike through… the desert. Since then she has climbed 4 of the world’s Seven Summits – the highest peaks of each continent, switching between Abu Dhabi’s heat and sandstorms, and icy weather on the world’s most impressive glaciers. Last year Hanady became the first Emirati woman to make it to the top of Denali, North America’s highest mountain.-

Special thanks to French Canadian singer and cellist Jorane 
for allowing me to use her song “Film III”  in this episode.

“There is one thing about mountains that is very addictive for me and goes back to the question of why I do this. There is something very energetic about the mountain. I think I get into a meditative state where my mind goes blank, and just follows my breathing and the rhythm of my feet walking.  When you’re in the mountain, you’re in the moment. You’re not thinking “oh work, oh my family, oh this and that”. Your body somewhat goes into autopilot.

Hanady Al Hashmi, Abu Dhabi, April 2018

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Nathalie is based in Abu Dhabi and develops communications strategies for companies based in the region. Prior to that she worked as a business journalist specialised in the Middle East for over 15 years for a variety of English, French and German-speaking media, including France 24 TV, Radio France International (RFI), Jeune Afrique, La Tribune, Marchés Tropicaux et Méditerranéens and The National (Abu Dhabi). She also speaks fluently Arabic and has visited, worked or studied in each Arab country
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