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13 – Sultan Al Hajji – Part 2

Is there an Emirati way of working or leading a team? How different are Emirati work ethics from other ones in the world? Based on his experience, Sultan Al Hajji shares his insights and observations. In the last part of our conversation, he also tells us how a personal loss changed his life and redefined priorities.

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12 – Sultan Al Hajji, the Oil and Gas Executive – Part 1

Sultan Al Hajj is the son of a self-taught worker in the oil and gas industry – who was also one of the last Emirati workers to strike against British leadership. Sultan grew up in the emirate of Sharjah, at a time when the UAE was not yet a country, and made it to the highest positions at the oil and gas company Total in Abu Dhabi.
This episode focuses on his childhood.

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11 – Reem and Arsalan, the husband and wife team

Emirati architect Alamira Reem Bani Hashim came back from 12 years in California with a PHD in Urban Planning, becoming the 1st female Emirati with that distinction*. In this 2nd part of our interview Reem explains how she left the UAE at 17 to study abroad all alone and the challenges she experienced facing depression and an imposter syndrome, before finding her identity. Her husband Arsalan also came on stage to explain how they met and what matters to them as a couple.

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10-Alamira Reem Bani Hashim, the Abu Dhabi architect

Emirati researcher Alamira Reem Bani Hashim explains how evolving political priorities and social realities in the UAE have shaped Abu Dhabi’s development over decades, before and after the discovery of oil. Reem holds a PhD in Urban Development and recently published “Planning Abu Dhabi”, a book on Abu Dhabi’s urban history over the last century. This episode is part 1 of our interview – recorded in public at the French language institute Alliance Française of Abu Dhabi.

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09 – Sara Al Shorouqi, the executive woman

Sara Al Shorouqi, 41, is one of the most senior Emirati female executives in one of the UAE’s biggest investment groups. In this episode she recalls how her father (a teacher and school director) and mother (an artist) played a crucial role in her building self-confidence and a successful career, while raising 4 children. Sara speaks about stereotypes affecting Emirati women in the workplace, and outside the UAE in general. She also explains how a divorce and medical issues changed the perspective.

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08 – Rashed Hassan, the Actor

Rashed Hassan is a young film actor in Abu Dhabi. His passion for movies and storytelling as a child took a new turn as a young man when national service gave him the opportunity to meet experienced actor Mohammed Ahmed, and audition for a role in one of Humaid Al Suwaidi’s feature films.
In this episode, Rashed speaks about his experience of the UAE’s recently introduced national service, his family, his emotions when he is acting, his idea of the ideal life partner, and finally what his part-time job as a concierge agent in Rosewood hotel – an unusual job for an Emirati national – has taught him.

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07 – Thabet Al Qaissieh, the Stargazer

Thabet is a 36-year old entrepreneur who runs a family business. Two years ago he decided to build a space observatory on the family farm in the desert.
This episode is about: stargazing; Al Sadeem Observatory; Emirati women and astronomy; how the loss of a younger brother can change the path forever; experiencing 9/11 as an Emirati student… in the USA; running a family business in the UAE as the eldest child; spirituality and the universe.

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06 – Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi – The Green Sheikh

Often referred to as the “Green Sheikh”, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi is a nephew of Ajman’s current ruler, and therefore part of the royal family of the UAE’s smallest emirate.
This episode is about: being a sheikh / what a majlis is in the UAE context / falcon hunting / preserving the environment / leading a charity organisation / the Ajman emirate / the ruling family of Ajman / parents’ influence / good vibes

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05 – Talal Salem, the Sharjah Poet

Talal is a 40-year old poet from the emirate of Sharjah. As a child, he liked to go to the sea with his father for diving and fishing trips – precious moments that inspire his poetry until today.
In this episode, Talal speaks about Arabic poetry, morning inspiration, consciousness, Sharjah as a culturally focused emirate, his father, how a trip to Nigeria changed the perspective, how Twitter has changed his poetry.

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The Podcast

‘Emirati Stories’ is an audio podcast that gives you the opportunity to discover the Emirati culture and society through individual life stories. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Emirati guests from a variety of backgrounds speak about themselves at their own pace, sharing their aspirations, motivations, their doubts, going back to the roots and key influences of the past.
Halfway between journalism and literature, away from the whirlwind of news, this programme aims at providing an international audience with other tools to understand the way people in the Arabian Gulf think and see the world around them.

The Host

‘Emirati Stories’ is produced and hosted by Nathalie Gillet, a former Middle-East journalist for France 24, Radio France, AFPLa Tribune, Jeune Afrique, Marchés Tropicaux and the Abu Dhabi daily newspaper The National

Today, Nathalie develops content strategies for large corporates in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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