Abu Dhabi

03 – Jalal Luqman, Artist and Author of The Armagondas

About: Being the school child in the corner / Surviving Business studies in the US without money / Not knowing when you can call yourself an artist / Being the first Emirati Digital Artist / Self teaching computers in the desert in the 1980’s / dark emotions / Invisible giants / Why nobody is too insignificant in a society / Opening a gallery for Emirati artists / Writing a first book on napkin corners / The Armagondas volume 1 / Old times in Abu Dhabi / Dreams for the future

02 – Suhaila Al Dhaheri, the Student Rep’

About: Running elections / Representing peers / Female Role models in the UAE / the challenges of Emirati students at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi / self confidence / the Emirates Youth Council /
bedouin family roots in Al Ain / spending weekends at the family farm in the desert / embracing societal changes / looking forward to digital transformations / different perceptions between generations / living with many cultures

01 – Leila al Marashi, the ‘Power of Pink’ Artist

About: Growing up as an Emirati woman / The colour pink and Barbie from childhood in Dubai to adulthood / The Pink Ribbon / Loosing her mother to breast cancer / Making last moments count / Breast cancer awareness / Trauma and creativity / Femininity / The story of her parents and how they met / Provocative pop-art : Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce covered / Strong female personalities / Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi