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01 – Leila al Marashi, the ‘Power of Pink’ Artist

Two years ago, Leila lost her mother to breast cancer. Her “The Power of Pink” art installation, is a way of building on her experience in a creative way, while raising awareness about breast cancer in the UAE.
This episode is about: Growing up as an Emirati woman / The colour pink throughout a woman’s life / Barbie in the UAE / The Pink Ribbon / Leila’s mother and father and how they met / Mother-daughter relationships / Making last moments count / Breast cancer / Femininity / Pop-art mixing international icons and traditional Emirati features.

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Episode 01 (test) – Leila al Marashi or The Power of Pink

Subscribe on ITUNES Subscribe via STITCHER Summary Two years after the loss of her mother, Dubai artist and entrepreneur Leila al Marashi, 35, decided to build on a painful experience in a creative way with The Power of Pink project, an art installation focused on the colour pink, dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer in the UAE. In...

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The Podcast

‘Emirati Stories’ is an audio podcast that gives you the opportunity to discover the Emirati culture and society through individual life stories. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Emirati guests from a variety of backgrounds speak about themselves at their own pace, sharing their aspirations, motivations, their doubts, going back to the roots and key influences of the past.
Halfway between journalism and literature, away from the whirlwind of news, this programme aims at providing an international audience with other tools to understand the way people in the Arabian Gulf think and see the world around them.

The Host

‘Emirati Stories’ is produced and hosted by Nathalie Gillet, a former Middle-East journalist for France 24, Radio France, AFPLa Tribune, Jeune Afrique, Marchés Tropicaux and the Abu Dhabi daily newspaper The National

Today, Nathalie develops content strategies for large corporates in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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