06 – Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi – The Green Sheikh

Emirati Stories – Episode 06
“My father didn’t transform me directly. He did it indirectly. When I was a child I saw him train thousands of falcons. He participated in competitions against many groups of falconers. One day when I was about six years old, I went with him on a hunting trip. I told him: “Now that I am with you, I want you to train me to be a falconer like you. Give me one of your falcons!”. He looked at me and laughed. He said: “Listen my son Abdul Aziz, your time will be so different than our time. I want you to focus on your studies. I want you to focus on something that you are really passionate about, based on your interests. So I will not give you a falcon. I will not give you any one of them. And you know why?… Because YOU are the falcon.”

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05 – Talal Salem, the Sharjah Poet

As a child, Talal Salem Al Sabiri, now a 40-year old poet from the emirate of Sharjah, used to go to the sea with his father for diving and fishing trips – precious moments that inspire him in his creative activities until today. His beginnings as a poet started with music, as an  oud player with his brothers, later playing with words and rhythms.
In this episode, Talal speaks about Arabic poetry, about morning inspiration, level of consciousness, Sharjah as a culturally focused emirate, about his father, and finally how a trip to Nigeria changed the perspective.

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04 – Hanady Al Hashmi, the Mountaineer

Hanady Al Hashmi, 31, discovered a passion for mountains and mountaineering five years ago, after starting to hike through… the desert. Since then she has climbed 4 of the world’s Seven Summits – the highest peaks of each continent, switching between Abu Dhabi’s heat and sandstorms, and icy weather on the world’s most impressive glaciers. Last year Hanady became the first Emirati woman to make it to the top of Denali, North America’s highest mountain.

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