04 – Hanady Al Hashmi, the Mountaineer

Hanady Al Hashmi, 31, discovered a passion for mountains and mountaineering five years ago, after starting to hike through… the desert. Since then she has climbed 4 of the world’s Seven Summits – the highest peaks of each continent, switching between Abu Dhabi’s heat and sandstorms, and icy weather on the world’s most impressive glaciers. Last year Hanady became the first Emirati woman to make it to the top of Denali, North America’s highest mountain.

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03 – Jalal Luqman, Artist and Author of The Armagondas

Jalal Luqman’s name today is known both locally and internationally. But his journey to becoming the UAE’s first digital artist in the 1990s was not a walk in the park. His passion for computers and art showed at a very young age but reality forced him to make other professional choices first. After dramatic events turned him from wealthy to poor overnight while he was studying in the USA, he managed to finance his business degree with blue-collar jobs, while secretly following art classes in the evening.

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02 – Suhaila Al Dhaheri, the Student Rep’

Suhaila, 21, studies law at Paris Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She has already run several elections and represented her peers in different organisations, including her university’s student council and the Emirates Youth Council.
In a country that has organised the first parliamentary elections of its history little more than a decade ago, she is part of this new generation of Emiratis contributing to their country’s journey towards more public participation. Suhaila embraces the future with optimism and is eager to make a change, but her Al Ain bedouin roots are also very important to her.

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