07 – Thabet Al Qaissieh, the Stargazer

Emirati Stories - Episode 07

Thabet Al Qaissiyeh is a 36-year old entrepreneur who runs a family business. Two years ago he decided to build a space observatory on the family farm in the Abu Dhabi desert. He is now working with one of the most prestigious universities in the world on a space program.

Thabet Al Qaissiyeh, at Al Sadeem Observatory

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Nathalie is based in Abu Dhabi and develops content strategies for local companies. Prior to that she has been a business journalist specialised in the Middle East during more than 15 years, for France 24 TV, Radio France International (RFI), Jeune Afrique, La Tribune, Marchés Tropicaux et Méditerranéens and The National (Abu Dhabi). She speaks English, French, German and Arabic.

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