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07 – Thabet Al Qaissieh, the Stargazer

Thabet is a 36-year old entrepreneur who runs a family business. Two years ago he decided to build a space observatory on the family farm in the desert. He is now working with one of the most prestigious universities in the world on a space program.
In this episode you will hear about: stargazing; Al Sadeem Observatory (and how to get there); Emirati women and astronomy; how the loss of a younger brother can change the path forever; experiencing 9/11 as an Emirati student… in the USA; being the eldest and running a family business in the UAE, when your boss is… your father; watching a country’s complete transformation during one’s lifetime; spirituality and the universe

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06 – Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi – The Green Sheikh

About: being a sheikh / what is a majlis / falcon hunting / preserving the environment / leading a charity organisation / Ajman emirate / the ruling family of Ajman / mom and dad’s influence / good vibes

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05 – Talal Salem, the Sharjah Poet

Traditional Arab poetry / Influence of the sea / Fishing trips with his father / consciousness / how Twitter has changed his poetry / the present moment / the emirate of Sharjah’s cultural scene / Emirati feelings from Nigeria

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04 – Hanady Al Hashmi, the Mountaineer

Climbing the 7 summits / being the first Emirati women to make it to the top of Denali / personal challenge and training / taking care of your body / meditation / family support and… worries / impressions from a trip to the US

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03 – Jalal Luqman, Artist and Author of The Armagondas

About: Being the school child in the corner / Surviving Business studies in the US without money / Not knowing when you can call yourself an artist / Being the first Emirati Digital Artist / Self teaching computers in the desert in the 1980’s / dark emotions / Invisible giants / Why nobody is too insignificant in a society / Opening a gallery for Emirati artists / Writing a first book on napkin corners / The Armagondas volume 1 / Old times in Abu Dhabi / Dreams for the future

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02 – Suhaila Al Dhaheri, the Student Rep’

About: Running elections / Representing peers / Female Role models in the UAE / the challenges of Emirati students at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi / self confidence / the Emirates Youth Council /
bedouin family roots in Al Ain / spending weekends at the family farm in the desert / embracing societal changes / looking forward to digital transformations / different perceptions between generations / living with many cultures

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01 – Leila al Marashi, the ‘Power of Pink’ Artist

About: Growing up as an Emirati woman / The colour pink and Barbie from childhood in Dubai to adulthood / The Pink Ribbon / Loosing her mother to breast cancer / Making last moments count / Breast cancer awareness / Trauma and creativity / Femininity / The story of her parents and how they met / Provocative pop-art : Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce covered / Strong female personalities / Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi

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The Podcast

‘Emirati Stories’ is an audio podcast that gives you the opportunity to discover the Emirati culture and society through individual life stories. In a calm and friendly atmosphere, Emirati guests from a variety of backgrounds speak about themselves at their own pace, sharing their aspirations, motivations and sometimes also their doubts, going back to the roots and key influences of the past.
Halfway between journalism and literature, away from the whirlwind of geopolitical news, this programme aims at providing a foreign audience with new tools to understand the way people in the Arabian Gulf think and see the world around them.

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‘Emirati Stories’ is produced and hosted by Nathalie Gillet, a former Middle-East journalist for France 24, Radio France, AFPLa Tribune, Jeune Afrique, Marchés Tropicaux and the Abu Dhabi daily newspaper The National

Today, Nathalie develops content and communication strategies for large corporates in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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